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We know you will find what you are looking for. Our goal through our reclaimed and refined barnwood is to create this feeling of comfort, something unachievable by any commercial product.

The same feeling you want for your guests is what we will give you: a custom and personalized experience—it is welcome in the fullest sense.

Passion in Process

Great care is taken in the processing of these historic barns. We are careful to preserve their memory and authenticity.

We honor the memory of these old barns when we repurpose them in your design for an unparalleled, nostalgic feeling of warmth and welcome.

Material that once made up a structure used by a family farm has become the featured elements of your design.

About Us

We are located in Aurora, Missouri, and our barns come from around the Ozarks and the Midwest.

We are a 6-man operation, established in 2007, and we partner with Dave’s Custom Woodworking for cabinetry, interior doors, and more.

We would be delighted to help you create an ambience of rich, authentic character.

We have what you need to set your design apart!

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