Manufactured Reclaimed Wood

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Manufactured Reclaimed Wood


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Upgrade the Flooring in Your Home

Install trendy refined wood flooring in your home in Aurora, MO

Do You Want Classic Barnwood Floors in Your Home?

Get reclaimed wood flooring installed in your Aurora, MO home

We have some beautiful old barns in the Missouri countryside. The owner and founder of Ozarkaeology Reclaimed Products realized how much could be done with those old barns over 12 years ago. Since then, we've been dismantling barns and using the boards to expertly craft refined wood flooring in Aurora, MO. This wood is perfect for custom furniture and reclaimed wood flooring.

Ozarkaeology Reclaimed Products supplies reclaimed wood products to homeowners as well as flooring companies. We're the premier reclaimed barnwood company in southwest Missouri.

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Here's why you should go to us for your wood flooring

Ozarkaeology Reclaimed Products is your go-to manufacturer and supplier of reclaimed wood in Aurora, MO and beyond. We can even install the wood flooring in your home, if you need us to.

We take old, classic barns and create beautiful pieces of wood out of them. Our products include:

Solid reclaimed wood flooring

Engineered refined wood flooring


Wall coverings


Put Custom Crafted Floors in Your Home

We can install your barnwood flooring

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